Review Energy Decentral 2022

EnergyDecentralA few days have already passed since Energy Decentral 2022 in Hannover. Two problems in particular were the clear focus of our discussions here:

- Technical Rule for Plant Safety (TRAS 120)
According to TRAS 120, the leak tightness of supporting air deflectors must be checked. Measurements upstream and downstream of the supporting air monitoring system serve to detect creeping leaks in good time, thus safeguarding the plant and the environment. UNION has developed an effective measuring device for precisely this application, which reliably determines the difference between inlet and outlet.

- Billing of raw biogas
The billing of raw biogas raises several challenges. The gas properties differ greatly in terms of moisture, fuel gas concentration, pressure and temperature.

UNION can also provide solutions for this application:
1. the high-quality solution is a calorimeter with ultrasonic meter and volume corrector. This variant comes very close to the recognition of a custody transfer.
2. the simpler solution is a multi-gas analyser with a fluidistor. This variant is particularly popular with sewage treatment plants.