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Traditional gas measurement technology

We measure gases – since nearly 100 years: UNION Instruments stands for high performance measurement technology, highest degree of accuracy and safety.

With the foundation of the company in 1919 an attractive product range for the industrial calorimetry was developed: CWD device series (Calorimetry, Wobbe-index and Specific Density). It allowed a close analysis of calorific value and reaction heat of gases for the first time. Furthermore, it offered use for custody measurements and utilisation in EX-areas.

The advances in device technology soon made Union Apparatebaugesellschaft mbH as it was called then, the epitome of reliable and high performing measurement technology. Even today devices from that era are still in use – proving and indicating their high quality and operating reliability. The commitment to maintain this reputation remains unchanged.

Since the 1970s the product range has been expanded to include gas analysis (INCA Device series) for the determination of the gas composition in different areas of the process technology utilizing innovative technologies.

An additional product line rich in tradition is our ESS device series (electronical data logger), for analyzing pipe networks in the gas and water supply industry. It includes sensors for gas and water pressure as well as devices that compute and display the corresponding measured values.

Since 2008 the company is under new leadership: Mr. Peter Kienke (Lübeck) and his business-partner, Mr. Torsten Haug (Karlsruhe), took over the entire company following a management buy-out. Since then, the demand for UNION’s products continues to grow steadily. UNION Instruments is ranking among the forerunners of the industrial measurement of gases.

Development and use of the latest technologies for fulfilling the current tasks remains key to its success.