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UNION Instruments in the trade press!

The international trade press regularly reports on innovations at UNION Instruments. Here you will find some of the relevant publications.

Measuring system for the correlative measurement of combustion gases

Published on 9 February 2023 | In Germany, the gas supply is uniformly being converted to type H natural gas as part of the ongoing market conversion [4]. This change is both laborious and costly in the affected regions, as household burners must be converted to suit different gas properties. Optimization of the off-gas values is already required within the narrow limits of type H in some regions [1]. In the industrial sector, the tolerance for fluctuations in properties is often much tighter, e.g. in the production of plate glass.

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Digester gas energy in sewage treatment and waste recycling plants

Published on 17 May, 2016 | pr clipping watersolution Digester gas, a term with a somewhat negative connotation, has become an important component of alternative energy generation in Germany. The same can be expected for other countries in view of the requirements of the European Landfill Directive.

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Demand-driven combustion gas supplies in chemical parks

Published on 22 March, 2016 | pr clipping CHE color Process gases from chemical plants are regarded as a valuable energy source today and are being further used as combustion gases. As a result, service providers have come into being in chemical plants that, as gas suppliers, analyze process gases produced on-site for energy content, process them if necessary, supply them to resident facilities, and perform accounting of the energy quantities supplied..

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Safeguarding thermal processes with gas measuring technology

pr clipping heat processingPublished on 23 February, 2016 | Control of thermal processes in the glass, ceramics, and steel industries requires accurate information about the properties of the combustion gases used. This requirement is becoming increasingly difficult to meet in light of current changes in the gas market. Modern gas measuring technology, such as a combination of calorimeter and gas analyzer, offers a solution.

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processPublished on 18 November, 2015 | Today, even though they have less energy content than natural gas, process gases produced in many process-related operations are being collected in gasometers and used as combustion gas in place of natural gas in thermal processes.

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Utilize process gases instead of flaring them

pr clipping CHE colorPublished on 13 October, 2015 | Many process-related operations in the industry produce process gases that in the past have often been regarded as by-products and have been flared at the expense of the environment. This practice is changing in light of growing energy awareness.

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