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ESS Explosion-Protected Data Loggers

The devices of the ESS3 series are used to measure and save the pressure, differential pressure, temperature, and quantity in supply networks for gas, water, and other media. The portable data loggers with battery backup saves the pressure history for up to several years. They can also be used in hazardous areas (Zone 1).

Use of the ESS3 devices covers the following areas:

  • Continuous pressure monitoring in gas pressure control and measuring systems
  • Portable problem analysis in gas and water networks
  • Validations of pipe network calculations
  • Leak testing in gas and water networks
  • Leak testing in industry


  • ESS3 R1
    Measuring device with one radial pressure sensor
  • ESS3 R2
    Measuring device with one radial pressure sensor and one radial temperature sensor
  • ESS3 A1
    Measuring device with one axial pressure sensor
  • ESS3 S4
    Measuring device with four pressure sensors, serves as a station


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