ESS 3 draußen Neu


  • ESS3 A1The devices of the ESS3 A1 series are used to measure pressure in water networks and can be installed directly in underfloor hydrants. These devices are ideally suited both for short-term measurements (for locating problems) and for long-term measurements over several years. Other applications include validation of pipe network calculations and documentation of leak tests according to DVGW W400-2.

    • Dichtheitsprüfung Gasversorgung entsprechend G469 B3 und C3
    • Dichtheitsprüfung Wasserversorgung entsprechend W400-2
    • Dichtheitsprüfung Verfahrenstechnik Industrie
    • Relativdruck + Temperatur
    • Absolutdruck + Temperatur
    • Differenzdruck + Temperatur


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