ESS 3 draußen Neu


  • ESS freiThe devices of the ESS3 R2 series are used for leak testing in pipeline construction. In addition to the pressure measurement, the device is able to determine the temperature of the pipe line. The device automatically monitors the temperature-compensated test pressure and thus compensates pressure variations caused by temperature influences on the pipe line. Thus, the measuring results are more significant than pure pressure measurements.

    • Dichtheitsprüfung Gasversorgung entsprechend G469 B3 und C3
    • Dichtheitsprüfung Wasserversorgung entsprechend W400-2
    • Dichtheitsprüfung Verfahrenstechnik Industrie
    • Relativdruck + Temperatur
    • Absolutdruck + Temperatur
    • Differenzdruck + Temperatur


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