Travel-Log: UNION in China

Thu. 07/16/2019 - Visiting Handan: During our stay in Handan, we visited one of our customers to check and service our calorimeters, which are in use since the early 2000s. As of now, there are more than fifteen CWD2005 in use – all running without any issues - and more are planned.

But if there’s an issue with a device or it needs service, the cooldown time of the device is less than 5 minutes – unlike our competitors’ calorimeters, based on the residual oxygen technology, which can take up to 4 hours. So, if there’s an issue in the process, a CWD series device can save you time and money – for more information feel free to contact us!

Sa. 7/13/2019 - China Calcium Industry Association: Last week, we joined a conference of the „China Calcium Industry Association“. During this conference we visited one of China’s many calcium carbide production plants. It was really interesting to see how such a production plant works and the dimensions of such a plant are just unimagniable.

Also our products are used in this production plant: To ensure the correct quality of the finished produced calcium carbide, it is really important that the burning temperature is constantly correct. This process is controlled by a UNION Instruments GmbH combustion calorimeter CWD2005, which was delivered to the plant in 2013.

UNION Instruments - One of Germanys Top Innovators

T100 19 Member 2 engl

TOP 100 - the only benchmark for innovation management in Germany - honours now for more than 25 years the most innovative small and medium-sized companies.

Only these top-innovators within german small and medium-sized enterprises are honored with the TOP 100 seal of approval.

For the second time since 2013, on 28th Juni 2019 in Frankfurt, UNION Instruments were included in the the TOP 100 innovators in Germany.



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Expansion Of The Research & Development Department

July 7th, 2019 - UNION Instruments GmbH: “UNION Instruments not only wants to establish itself as a specialized provider of measurement technology used before the combustion of gases, but afterwards as well. For a hundred years, one of our strengths has been catering to the area prior to the combustion of gases. Now we want to further expand our range of services to cover the post-combustion domain as well. This is why we’re investing in the field of optical sensors (UV, lasers and NDIR). These technologies make it possible to build high-quality, affordable devices which have found a home a high-value market segment. UNION was able to enlist two very highly qualified employees – both specialists in the field – for this purpose.

Development progress

Our order situation is looking good. We have lots of orders in the gas quality measurement area, our core business. We have high hopes for our new ATEX devices – ATEX are European Union explosion protection guidelines. These devices have been specially developed for hazardous areas in Europe, Asia and the US. Measuring and testing devices for pipeline construction (ESS and ISO testers) sold well last year. The handling of services in this area, from acceptance to the offer to order confirmation, will be transitioned over to an online shop over the next few months. By doing so, we’re expecting to be able to optimize processes and reduce costs in this area.

We’ve made a new development in the multi-gas analyzer (INCA) product group and are aiming to replace the INCA product group with a new series of devices. With regard to leak-test devices for pipelines, we’ve had a new hardware version for a month which covers the full scope of functions for the product range.

Positive outlook for the coming years

Internationalization of the ESS and ISO tester product group is planned for this year. We’re very excited to see how the rest of the world will receive this product. So far, we’ve already gotten initial expressions of interest from England and Belgium. The global political situation is also having a positive effect on our core business. Several countries are beginning to modernize steel and chemical plants and even build new ones from the ground up. We see this as a great opportunity with positive effects on our order inflow.

Our goal is to surpass the €7m sales mark significantly in 2019, and we’re expecting EBIT of around 10 to 15% of generated sales.”


TP editedEvery four years, the world converges at the THERMPROCESS trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany to discuss and learn about various problems faced by the industry.  
As the world’s leading specialist trade show, THERMPROCESS covers every topic related to industrial thermal process systems. If it impacts the industry, you’ll find it here: 
Thermal engineering, environment & resource conservation and energy efficiency:  
If you want to play an active part in shaping the future of the industry, THERMPROCESS was a must.  

The subjects that made a big impact on us this year were energy efficiency measurement with calorimeters and requests for oxygen and emission measurement.

Union Instruments presents at 64th Analysis Division Symposium

Union Instruments presents at the 64th Analysis Division Symposium Galveston for the first time the online, high performance combustion calorimeter with approval for use in hazardous areas according to:
- ATEX II 2G Ex p IIC T4 Gb
- ExpxbIICT4Gb
for the determination of Wobbe Index, Calorific Values, and specific density.


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