Heart project: Big rescuer for little patients

EnergyDecentralEmergency care in Germany has been an emergency for years. The stress limits of the system have become increasingly apparent, especially in recent months.

For more than 50 years, the Björn Steiger Foundation has been successfully working to continuously improve emergency care in Germany. Many things that seem self-evident in today's emergency services were initiated by the Björn Steiger Foundation.

One of the foundation's initiatives is the "Felix" baby emergency ambulance, which is used for the safe and gentle transport of sick infants and premature babies. "Felix" contains everything the little patients need on the way to the hospital - with hospital-level care quality even during the journey.

UNION Instruments GmbH has supported the initiative every year since 2014 with a sponsorship, thus promoting life-critical transport for the rescue of sick newborns and premature babies.