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Our services – An overview

Your equipment investment has to be cost effective and reliable. “All-round” service from UNION Instruments supports you in a variety of different ways to this end.

We offer you

  • Installation service
  • Commissioning service
  • Maintenance service
  • Repair service
  • Instruction of your operating personnel
  • All-round carefree service packages
  • Spare Parts service
  • User-specific spare parts packages
  • Training courses
  • Verification and calibration service
  • Engineering support

Professional installation by our installation service

The professional installation of a measuring device is an important requirement for proper operation and reliable measurement results. Our experienced installation service staff is available to you for this purpose and, if you wish, will also undertake commissioning as well as instruction of your employees.

Speedy commissioning by our commissioning service

Commissioning of your new measuring device by an experienced technician not only makes the device operational as quickly as possible but also ensures proper functioning from the beginning. UNION Instruments’ commissioning service is available to you for this purpose.

We would also like to take this opportunity to offer optional training of your personnel in the operation of the device as a precondition for reliable and meaningful measurement results.

Our maintenance service is preventive medicine in the fight against failure

Our maintenance service is preventive medicine in the fight against failure
Regular maintenance prevents downtimes, increases the availability of your device and the related system, increases the service life of the device, and guards against expensive repairs. As a result, your gas measurements and the processes that depend on them will function reliably for years. From inspection to preventive maintenance, UNION Instruments supports you with its trained personnel.

Sometimes, repairs are simply unavoidable

Despite careful manufacturing and proper operation, equipment malfunctions can’t be ruled out entirely. Should a malfunction occur, please contact our support hotline. Our repair service will make every effort to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.