Review Energy Decentral 2022

EnergyDecentralA few days have already passed since Energy Decentral 2022 in Hannover. Two problems in particular were the clear focus of our discussions here:

- Technical Rule for Plant Safety (TRAS 120)
According to TRAS 120, the leak tightness of supporting air deflectors must be checked. Measurements upstream and downstream of the supporting air monitoring system serve to detect creeping leaks in good time, thus safeguarding the plant and the environment. UNION has developed an effective measuring device for precisely this application, which reliably determines the difference between inlet and outlet.

- Billing of raw biogas
The billing of raw biogas raises several challenges. The gas properties differ greatly in terms of moisture, fuel gas concentration, pressure and temperature.

UNION can also provide solutions for this application:
1. the high-quality solution is a calorimeter with ultrasonic meter and volume corrector. This variant comes very close to the recognition of a custody transfer.
2. the simpler solution is a multi-gas analyser with a fluidistor. This variant is particularly popular with sewage treatment plants.

Successful SIRA commissioning in Austria


The first SIRA UV analyser for measuring the THT content in the low-pressure network was put into operation in Austria last week. The device serves as a continuous monitoring system to ensure the required odorant quantity in the gas distribution network.

The special feature: Our measuring device measures at a position in the network that is particularly close to one of the main feed-in points in the gas network and transmits the measurement data directly to the control room. This means that @Vorarlberger Energienetze is optimally equipped for qualitative network operation at all network levels.

France has been supplying natural gas to Germany since 13.10.2022


Our SIRA gas analyser is used at the newly created import points to consistently measure the THT concentration in the high-pressure network and to safely control the odorisation systems of the network operators accordingly.
Since France already odorises the gas with tetrahydrothiophene (THT) at the transmission level, the maximum concentration at the border crossing point is 40 mg/Nm³. Many network operators therefore face a major challenge at the transfer points: the combination of pre-odorised gas and decentralised odorisation in Germany leads to an increased concentration of THT and to an increased odour intensity of gas. Here, the limit values for sulphur can quickly be exceeded.
UNION Instruments plays an important role for the Franco-German trade relationship and for our energy supply.

More safety through gas measurement technology.

SIRA XL HK2022Our SIRA gas analyser offers you cross-sensitivity-free optical measurement technology for the hardening process. From 11.10. to 13.10.2022 you can get to know the advantages of the new measuring device at the trade congress in Cologne.

The monitoring of carbonitriding and nitrocarburising plays an important role in the hardening process. For this use, we have designed an instrument that ensures low maintenance costs due to durable components. In addition, the gas analyser has up to six sampling points that can be switched according to requirements. It is also possible to send alarm e-mails or text messages when adjustable limit values are exceeded.

Feel free to contact our experts Peter Kienke and Dr Jürgen Sohège directly during HK2022. You will find us in Hall 10.2 at Stand E-001.

Progress in Biomethane Mobility

biomethan linkedINOur new gas analyser SIRA is characterised by selective optical measurement technology for methane and will be presented at the conference "Progress in Biomethane Mobility" in Schwäbisch Hall from 11.10. to 13.10.2022.

The amount of energy of the gases used for mobility changes due to the process. For this field of application, we have developed a new type of measuring device with a cross-sensitivity-free multispectral infrared sensor, which exclusively measures the process gas methane.
The measurement results have a very high measurement accuracy, which can be validated and documented fully automatically. In addition, it is possible to send alarm e-mails or SMS when adjustable limit values are exceeded.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing two days full of information with you! You will find us in the new building hall at stand no. 16.

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