HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne

LI HCThe Heat treatment of metals is an industrial process in which natural gas plays an important role as an energy and carbon supplier.

The fluctuations in the natural gas grid are a risk for this process.That does not have to be, if you measure the properties and composition of your natural gas, fluctuations can be avoided.

UNION Instruments can help you do that - visit us at the HeatTreatmentCongress in Cologne on Stand 4.1 A99!

MEICA 2019 - Recap


We send our very own Badi Shahidinejad, head of distribution, towards the MEICA conference in Dubai – a first of its kind trade fair for the middle east. From 1st to 3rd October managers and decision makers of the oil & gas industry gathered and discussed instrument control, automation and digitalization.

As an exhibiting company, our CWD3000 EXP Calorimeter was in focus: due to its design for hazardous areas and the ATEX certification, it is designed for application inside of oil and gas refineries - a key market in the middle east. Another benefit is the worldwide service and distribution network of UNION instruments and partners – if a spare part is needed, we can provide it in no time.

We’d like to thank the organization for the hospitality and are excited about future visits in the middle east!

SIEMENS and CWD - a perfect complement

Siemens and CWD

The CWD2005 / CWD3000HPC calorimeters with their temperature range up to 65 ° C, 150° F are the perfect complement to the Siemens GC (MAXUM II Process GC). This application has been specially developed for Flare gas measurements of chemistry and refinery Flares.

For more Information, download the full application note:

 Application Note (English, PDF)





Recap - Trinkwassertagung Paderborn

TWT12 Weeks ago, on the 24th and 25th of September, we visited the 4. Westfälische Trinkwassertagung in Paderborn, Germany. It is a gathering, exchange and trade fair for the local water supply companies.

Bernhard Benz, manager for our pressure measurement products, came together with some of the decision makers from water suppliers – which were quite interested in our PMS product line. Due to its conformity with local regulations and automated protocolling, managers are able to verify that everything is in normal parameters when piping is inspected.

We’d like to thank all visitors in Paderborn and are looking forward to seeing you again!

Recap - MEORGA Ludwigshafen, Germany

GespraechJust as the last MEORGA, a trade fair in Ludwigshafen/Germany, our visit was a success for UNION Instruments. Not only were we able to meet industry partners and local clients, we also received impulses where the industry is currently heading.

Bernhard Benz, our product manager for leakage testing, reported quite a lot of interest in our PMS and ESS product families. The fully automated logging and leakage testing systems are not only a big timesaver on building sites – they are also a great tool for worker safety. Due to the automated testing our clients are able to ensure that their employees always work in a safe environment.

Also, there was a huge interest in our INCA products, which were presented by our CEO Torsten Haug: Automated logging and monitoring of gas components is a big part of our clients processes, which are rapidly transforming towards industry 4.0. So it’s no coincidence that there was a lot of interest in Mr. Haugs presentation about improving efficiency through fuel control.



We’d like to thank all visitors for the great conversations we had and are looking forward to the next MEORGA – we’ll see you October, 23rd in Landshut!

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