Travel-Log: UNION in China

Thu. 07/16/2019 - Visiting Handan: During our stay in Handan, we visited one of our customers to check and service our calorimeters, which are in use since the early 2000s. As of now, there are more than fifteen CWD2005 in use – all running without any issues - and more are planned.

But if there’s an issue with a device or it needs service, the cooldown time of the device is less than 5 minutes – unlike our competitors’ calorimeters, based on the residual oxygen technology, which can take up to 4 hours. So, if there’s an issue in the process, a CWD series device can save you time and money – for more information feel free to contact us!

Sa. 7/13/2019 - China Calcium Industry Association: Last week, we joined a conference of the „China Calcium Industry Association“. During this conference we visited one of China’s many calcium carbide production plants. It was really interesting to see how such a production plant works and the dimensions of such a plant are just unimagniable.

Also our products are used in this production plant: To ensure the correct quality of the finished produced calcium carbide, it is really important that the burning temperature is constantly correct. This process is controlled by a UNION Instruments GmbH combustion calorimeter CWD2005, which was delivered to the plant in 2013.