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UNION Instruments in the trade press!

The international trade press regularly reports on innovations at UNION Instruments. Here you will find some of the relevant publications.

Reliable operation of gas turbines

pr clipping cppPublished on 23 September, 2015 | Liberalised gas markets and the increased use of process gases as an energy source frequently result in fluctuating gas quality for consumers. If thermally sensitive processes or burners are involved, monitoring and, if necessary, conditioning of the supplied gas is a must. The combustion calorimeters in the CWD2005 series determine the gas parameters required for this purpose directly and continuously. Their suitability is proven on drilling platforms, for example.

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The Changing Face of Gas Analysis

Published on 1 April, 2015 | pr clipping chemical engineeringWhile there are countless types of gas analysis instruments available, users of every type are asking for technologies that require less of their time. Processors are demanding instruments that require minimal calibration and maintenance, as well as units that are modular and capable of self diagnostics and other automated functions to save labor and plant resources. Fortunately, providers of analytical devices are meeting these needs by changing the way gas measurement is addressed in the chemical process industries.

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Process Industry in the Liberalized Gas Market

Published on 1 September, 2014pr clipping CHE interThe liberalization of the natural gas market is bringing significant changes to private and commercial consumers around the world. Besides greater supply security and long-term benefits from increasing competition, a growing instability of the gas properties in the gas grid is causing difficulties for gas suppliers and in specific areas of the process industry.

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