With the CWD3000 Exp calorimeter, UNION Instruments developed a measuring device that is far superior to other systems due to its flexibility, accuracy and reliability.


High performing combustion calorimeter allows fast and easy measurement of Wobbe Index (WI),

Calorific Values (CV), and Specific Gravity (SG) in hazardous areas according to: ATEX (II 2G Exp IIC T4 Gb) and IECEx (Ex pxb IIC T4 Gb).In chemical plants, combustible gases (waste gases) are released and combusted in flares. The quality of these gases varies widely. To ensure correct and continuous flaring, the waste gas must contain a minimum amount of combustible gases. In this case, Natural Gas is added and the gas mix is controlled by the CWD.  Chemical industry processes produce process gases that, depending on their composition and possible further application, are disposed of as waste gas or further used as an energy source or raw material. This is a typical application in industrial parks. In all cases, the calorific analysis of the gas with the CWD is very helpful. Gas turbines are very common energy generators which react very sensitively to changing operational conditions. Therefore, it is important to know the composition of the combustion gas (typically Natural Gas) exactly at any time. The CWD calorimeter is very helpful for this application.



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