CWD2005 very much welcomed in the US

UNION Instruments attended the 61st ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Galveston, USA, in April 2016 with the exhibition of the CWD2005. One of the key topics of the symposium was the new and tightened EPA regulation regarding flare monitoring and control in the U.S. hydrocarbon and chemical industries. According to EPA, online gas chromatographs and calorimeters are first choice to determine and provide the required analytical data of the flare gas composition.

During the Symposium, flare specialists of leading petrochemical companies were very interested in the CWD2005 and its technical highlights, as this calorimeter is a direct reading, Wobbe-type calorimeter. It determines the required energy content of flare gas directly and does not (as indirect, CARI-type calorimeter do) need any correlation factors or additional calibration gases to reach the required 2% accuracy and/or to include gas components like carbon monoxide or hydrogen in the measurement. Especially suitable for flare gas controlling in explosive areas are the CWD2005 DPC and the CWD2005 SPC of UNION Instruments.

Delta Instrument LLC, UNION Instruments representative in the US, has already intensively picked up this promising marketing opportunity.