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Making use of digester gas energy

Distributed on February 3, 2016 | Within the framework of the energy transition, digester gases from sewage treatment plants and waste recycling plants are becoming increasingly important. The gas analysis component of the related plant technology plays an important role both for process monitoring and for safeguarding the plant components operated with the digester gas. The INCA gas analyzer technology from UNION Instruments is specially tailored for this.

INCA is a modular multi-component gas analyzer that can be flexibly configured with special orientation to analysis of natural gas as well as biogas and digester gas. It consists of modules for sample gas feed, sample gas conditioning, sensors (using different detection methods), control, and data processing, from which an analysis system tailored to the specific application is configured – for inside or outside installation or operation in hazardous areas. Finally, available options include a measuring gas cooler and an automatic measuring point switchover for up to 10 measuring points.

For analysis of digester gases in particular but also for all other applications, the patented sensors provide robust H2S measurements over a long time period in the concentration range of less than a few ppm to 10,000 ppm.

About UNION Instruments

Founded in 1919 UNION Instruments GmbH is a specialized provider of measurement instruments for calorimetry and gas composition. Its users and customers include the chemical industry, iron and steel industry, energy and water suppliers, glass and ceramic manufacturers, as well as biogas producers. The company has its headquarters in Karlsruhe and a subsidiary in Lübeck. With 20 international distributors, UNION Instruments operates worldwide (for example, in USA, China, Russia, Brazil., Belgium, India, and Southeast Asia.). Its core businesses include development and manufacturing as well as maintenance, service, and support.


UNION Instruments PM2016 01 MBA pic1 Configuration

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Typical gas analysis configuration in a mechanical/biological waste treatment plant with four measuring points for one analyzer

UNION Instruments PM2016 01 MBA Bild2 INCA

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The INCA gas analyzers are extremely well-suited for determination of highly fluctuating concentrations of H2S, such as in digester gas.