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Here you find the press releases of UNION Instruments.

Ecology and Economy: Utilize process gases instead of flaring them

Distributed on May 29, 2015 | Many process-related operations in the industry produce process gases that in the past have often been regarded as by-products and have been flared at the expense of the environment. This practice is changing in light of growing energy awareness.

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Gas Measuring Technology in Biogas Plants

Distributed on 27 January, 2015 | The liberalized gas market is opening up new marketing opportunities for biogas plant operators by allowing free access to gas networks. The resulting requirements for quality assurance of the biogas can be met reliably and economically through special gas measuring technology.

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Gas analysis in natural gas and biogas plants

Distributed on 27 January, 2015 | INCA is a modular device platform for multi-component gas analysis with a particular focus in the biogas and natural gas industries. Similar to a modular construction system, blocks for active gas sampling, gas processing as well as sensors, controller, data processing and communication are combined to form robust and reliable analysis systems.

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Leak testing for gas and water lines

Distributed on 12 November, 2014 | The ESS3 system (electronic memory writer) of UNION Instruments is used to measure gas and water pressure in supply networks and to collect, save, and document the measurement data. This technology is used for fault analysis, leak tests, and function monitoring in gas and water supply networks and sewers. The battery-operated devices are permitted for use in hazardous areas (Zones 1 and 2) and are designed in protection classes up to IP68.

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