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Calorimeter CWD - Flare Monitoring

18 August 2016

  • Direct reading Wobbe-type calorimeter CWD supports users to comply effectively with the new and more stringent EPA flare monitoring regulations
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Gas analyzer INCA – Palm Oil mill monitoring

18 August 2016

  • Multigas-Analyzer INCA1050 monitors and controls a Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) digester plant to generate biogas and electricity
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The INCA gas analyzer supports a new closed-loop control concept for compensation of gas property variations in a container glass factory

19 September 2016

  • The glass industry must take into account the increasingly unstable combustion gas qualities in their closed-loop control concepts. A cooperative effort between gas analysis and glass technology specialists has produced an innovative and cost-effective so
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The new gas analyzer INCA Maritime monitors marine engines for their air pollutant emissions and also ensures reliable engine operation

01 September 2016

  • Marine engines must increasingly be monitored for their air pollutant emissions. At the same time, quality demands on LNG as alternative ship fuel rise as well. The new gas ana-lyzer INCA Maritime offers high-performance and cost efficient solutions for b
  • Version: English

Upgraded CWD in a hot-rolling steel mill

15 August 2016

  • A calorimeter CWD2005 was upgraded with a NDIR gas analysis sensor and thus enables cost efficient re-use of waste process gases to heat a rolling steel furnace
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