Isolation Tester UIP

isoprueferThe devices of the UIP (Union Isolations Prüfer) isolation tester series are used to test the pore-free condition of corrosion protection coatings of pipes, vessels or plant system parts. The battery-powered device generates test voltages between 5 kV and 30 kV, which are applied to the grounded test object via test electrodes. The location of a defect is signalized by a spark-over with an additional audible warning.

Coating testing of

  • Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Buildings


Operating Manual

ESS Explosion-Protected Data Loggers

The devices of the ESS3 series are used to measure and save the pressure, differential pressure, temperature, and quantity in supply networks for gas, water, and other media. The portable data loggers with battery backup saves the pressure history for up to several years. They can also be used in hazardous areas (Zone 1).

Use of the ESS3 devices covers the following areas:

  • Continuous pressure monitoring in gas pressure control and measuring systems
  • Portable problem analysis in gas and water networks
  • Validations of pipe network calculations
  • Leak testing in gas and water networks
  • Leak testing in industry

DPK Pressure Test Kits

ESS3 koffer freiThe pressure test kits of the DPK3 R1 and DPK3 R2 series are used to perform leak tests on pipelines and fittings. A data logger for pressure and temperature measurements logs the test pressures and temperatures. A test report is created at the construction site via a battery-operated printer. The measurement data can be transferred to a PC for further archiving and evaluation.

Use of the DPK3 covers the following areas:

  • Gas supply line according to DVGW G469
  • Water supply line according to DVGW W400-2
  • Pipelines according to VdTÜV 1051
  • Long-distance heating lines according to AGFW FW 602
  • Cable protection tubes
  • Pressure tanks
  • Industrial fittings (e.g., heat exchangers in process industry)

EMS Energy Metering System


The EMS2005 (Energy Metering System) device series is used for determining the energy quantity in raw biogas, natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas.

The following measured quantities can also be determined:

  • Energy quantity
  • Heating/combustion value
  • Wobbe index
  • Specific density
  • Pressure and temperature

To determine the energy quantity, the volumetric flow rate of the gas to be measured is recorded using a gas flow meter. A calorimeter of the CWD series of devices is used to determine the combustion/heating value. A combustion value quantity converter calculates the energy from the revalued standard volume and the measured value from the calorimeter. The calculated energy flow is output to and displayed on the calorimeter.

Certificate inquiry Calibration


PMS Leak Test System

The system (Pressure Measuring System) is a portable, complete system for leak tests. This consist of the pressure test kit PMS3000 for performing leak tests with an integrated graphic-capable 4.3” color touch display and a pressure relief kit DAK2000 for discharge test according to W400-2, Part 16 pressure loss methods as well as DIN EN 805. The system is complemented by a variety of connection accessories like the rugged accessory case (individually equipped), the test standpipe PSR and accessories for building gas connection as well as the electronically controlled test pumps EPP and the compact air compressor KLK1030.

The pressure tests of the PMS extent to the following applications:

  • Gas supply DVGW G469-A
  • Water supply DVGW W400-2, Part 16 and DIN EN 805
  • Pipeline construction (long-distance heating, plant construction)
  • Process technology (chemical industry, process engineering)
  • Geothermal probes
  • Cable protection tubes
  • Sewers

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