Ecology and Economy

Published on 26 May, 2015 | Many operations in the process industry produce process gases that in the past have often been regarded as by-products and have been flared at the expense of the environment.

Today, even though they have less energy content than natural gas, process gases produced in many process-related operations and especially in the steel industry are being collected in gasometers and used as combustion gas in place of natural gas in thermal processes. However, the fluctuating composition of the process gas, especially the CO content and the related fluctuating energy content, requires special measures.

One measuring system that is specially configured for this task is the CWD2005 direct calorimeter from UNION Instruments with additional integrated gas analysis and measured value processing. The system determines the Wobbe index and gas density values as well as the concentrations of CH4 and C2+. The heating value and air requirement are also calculated from this.