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  • OUTDOOR Perspektiv V1The Multigas-Analyzers of the INCA6004 series are designed for outdoor installation and the analysis of condensate-containing or condensate-free sample gas with or without pre-pressure. The device can be equipped with 1 sample gas inlet (for condensate-containing gas), up to 3 sample gas inlets (for condensate-free gas) and 1 calibration gas inlet. On-line operation is possible due to the built-in peristaltic pump.

  • Biogas

    Sewage gas plants

    Landfill sites

    Glass and ceramics

    Energy supply

    Energy generation


    • Methane
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Hydrogen sulphide
    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen
    • Higher hydrocarbons (C2+)


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The INCA concept is designed to provide a custom made analysis system for specific application using standard modules for sample gas supply, sample gas processing, sensor control and data processing. This approach guarantees the best possible analysis results as well as optimized cost structure in production and operation of the device. More details here