produktheader cwd2005 ex

CWD2000 Ex

  • The CWD2000 Ex is a system comprised of a combustion calorimeter in a flameproof enclosure and a control unit and heater which are also housed in a pressurized enclosure with EC type examination certification (BVS 04 ATEX E018 X). This makes it suitable for use in hazardous areas (II 2G Ex d IIA T3 Gb).

    It can be used for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. It is typically used for the control of gas turbines on offshore drilling platforms.

    • Heating and calorific value
    • Wobbe-lndex
    • Specific density
    • CARI
    • Air Requirement


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The CWD2005 device series (Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index and Specific Density) comprises versions of combustion calorimeters for direct and continuous determination of gas quality from the following measurands and operands. Read more   here