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  • Specially designed for high-calorific gases (natural gas), the CWD2005 PLUS (a variant of our CWD2005 basic device) offers higher accuracy and faster display times. For e.g. the application Natural Gas (NG) the accuracy is ± 1.0% FS. This unit also boasts versatility in use thanks to options such as carrier gas supply and measuring range switching.

    In addition to the normal areas of use in the natural gas field, the CWD2005 PLUS is also used for fuel control at refineries and for process control in the glass industry, among other things.

    • Heating and calorific value
    • Wobbe-lndex
    • Specific density
    • CARI
    • Air Requirement


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The CWD2005 device series (Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index and Specific Density) comprises versions of combustion calorimeters for direct and continuous determination of gas quality from the following measurands and operands. Read more  here


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