produktheader cwd2005 spc


  • The CWD2005 SPC (System Purge Certified) is an outdoor variant of the CWD2005 for use in hazardous area. It is type approved according to the requirements for Class 1, Div. 2, Groups B, C, D; T4 and confirms conformity as follow:

    • SGS NRTL Listed Product with USTC Certification
    • acc. UL 61010-1 3rd Ed. May 11, 2012
    • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1-12, 3rd Ed.
    • NFPA 496, Rev. January 2013

    The measuring system is integrated in a pressurized enclosure that is flushed with compressed air and is mounted on a mounting rack. An additional protective housing enables ambient temperatures of -20 … 45 °C.

    This CWD provides a higher accuracy and faster display times. Due to different options like support gas supply or measuring range switch the CWD2005 DPC is suitable for different kind of application.

    Typical applications are flare gas combustion, gas turbine control, and fuel control in refineries and petrochemical plants.

    • Heating and calorific value
    • Wobbe-lndex
    • Specific density
    • CARI
    • Air Requirement


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The CWD2005 device series (Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index and Specific Density) comprises versions of combustion calorimeters for direct and continuous determination of gas quality from the following measurands and operands. Read more   here